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Bulk Supplies & Materials

Eagle Landscaping & Supply offers a wide variety of mulches. We also carry topsoil, compost, garden soil, sand, playground chips, crushed stone, river rock, unscreened fill (limited availability), and process gravel. We are your friendly, knowledgeable local retail provider. We only purchase high quality products from local wholesale producers. All of our mulch products are double ground and produced from trees, never from recycled wood, such as pallets, decks and crates. Our color enhanced mulches are dyed with harmless dyes. Iron oxide based dye is used for the red cedar and a carbon based dye for the black and dark brown. We provide landscape supplies to Groton, Gales Ferry, Ledyard, Mystic, Stonington, Preston, Norwich, New London, Waterford, and surrounding towns!

Delivery available for all supplies – call for pricing.
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Natural Mulches

Our natural mulches are derived from high quality raw materials and are safe for all applications. The natural mulches include the following:

Hemlock Mulch
$55 / Cubic Yard
A premium 100% hemlock, this beautiful reddish hue distinguishes this fragrant mulch.

Natural Hardwood Blend
$38 / Cubic Yard
Produced primarily from hardwoods and has a light/medium brown color. Its color will lighten over time.

Playground Chips
$50 / Cubic Yard
Durable and cost effective play area cover. Ground virgin wood chips for use under playground equipment. Also used for walking paths.

Color Enhanced Mulches

Non-toxic, color enhanced mulches add a dramatic and long lasting color statement to your landscape. Our enhanced mulches are available in Red, Brown, and Black:

Brown Mulch
$48 / Cubic Yard
Nice chocolate brown color double ground pine mulch will last through the season.

Black Mulch
$48 / Cubic Yard
Double ground pine mulch dyed black.

Red Mulch
$48 / Cubic Yard
Premium double ground dyed cedar mulch.

Sand & Soils

Natural and high quality topsoils and composts purchased from local farmers. Our selection of soils include the following:

$46 / Cubic Yard
A premium grade soil that is perfect choice for establishing lawns.

Leaf Compost
$50 / Cubic Yard
Derived from decomposed leaves. 100% natural.

Garden Soil
$50 / Cubic Yard
Our own blend of our premium topsoil and compost, it is a 50/50 mix. Ideal for raised garden beds and vegetable gardens.

3" Minus Subsoil
$37 / Cubic Yard
Unscreened soil. May have up to basketball sized stones and/or grass clumps. It is good for general, nonstructural fill. Call for availability.

Stone & Gravel

A complete assortment of stone and gravel to meet any landscaping need. Our broad selection of stone and gravel includes the following:
Crushed Stone-Angular in shape
  • 1/4" Crushed Stone, $65 / Cubic Yard
  • 1/2" Crushed Stone, $50 / Cubic Yard
  • 3/4" Crushed Stone, $50 / Cubic Yard
  • 1/2" Processed Gravel, $46 / Cubic Yard
  • Sand - washed no dust, $48 / Cubic Yard
Decorative Stone
  • 1 - 2" River Jack, $135 / Cubic Yard
  • 3/8 - 1/2" River Jack, $135 / Cubic Yard
  • 1/4" Berkshire Pea Stone, $120 / Cubic Yard
  • 3/4" Limestone Chip, $100 / Cubic Yard
  • 3/4" Eagle Blue Stone, $95 / Cubic Yard
  • 3 - 4" Ledyard Round, $50 / Cubic Yard
  • 3/8 - 3/4" Ledyard Round, $50 / Cubic Yard
River Jack
Berkshire Pea Stone
Limestone Chip
Eagle Blue Stone

Delivery Fees

Fees for local towns include the following: Gales Ferry$30
Groton Long Point/Mystic$55
Mason's Island$70
North Stonington$75
New London/Waterford$75
Quaker Hill$75
East Lyme$85
Old Lyme/Lyme$85

Vehicle Yardage Information

Yard Truck Mulch/Chips Soil/Sand/Stone
5500 High Side Closed 10 4
5500 High Side Open 8 4
3500 w/Low Tailgate 8 3
Small Dump/Dump Insert 5 1
International 12 6

Customer Trucks Mulch/Chips Soil/Sand/Stone
1/2 Ton Pickup 2 1/2 - 1 max
3/4 Ton Pickup 2 1 - 2
1 Ton Pickup 2 2
Midsize/Compact Truck 1 1/2
Trail, single axle 2-3 1
Trail, tandem axle 8-10 3-4 (variable)